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Facts You Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes

For a long time now, e-cigars have been on the market and gained a lot of popularity. They are considered less harmful than conventional cigarettes. Many users also see them as a useful aid in quitting smoking.

Despite e-cigarettes being popular and having a large number of users, some people have raised concerns regarding their use and whether they are safe to use as it is perceived to the public. These concerns have led to tighter regulations concerning the sale and use of e-cigars. That’s why using high-quality electronic cigarettes is very important. Visit for quality electronic cigarettes today. Below are the facts you need to know about using electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Facts

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How They Work

E-cigars are battery-operated devices that contain a solution known as e-liquid. This solution contains nicotine, flavoring, and a chemical known as propylene glycol. The e-liquid is heated and converted into a mist that is inhaled. The solution lacks harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar that are associated with smoking tobacco.

Vaping is Less Harmful Compared to Traditional Smoking

Tobacco cigarettes contain around seven thousand chemicals, many of which are considered toxic and cause harm to the body of the user. On the other hand, e-cigars use nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco, flavoring, and some chemicals to create vapor. This vapor is far safer compared to regular tobacco cigarettes because it contains fewer toxic chemicals.

E-Cigarettes Can Be Used as a Smoking Alternative

When used exclusively instead of regular cigarettes, e-cigars are the preferred smoking substitute. Vaping helps smokers avoid the many toxins found in regular cigarettes, which aids in improving their health. Those using e-cigars can reduce the level of nicotine they take by gradually regulating it, and in the long run, this may help one to stop smoking.

Vaping Can Harm Your Health

The e-liquid solution in an electronic cigarette contains an average of zero to seventy-two milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid. Nicotine can cause short-term health effects such as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which may develop into major health problems. Nicotine also affects fetal development, making it unsafe during pregnancy. Drinking or spilling the e-cigar liquid on your skin can be very harmful as it is considered poisonous.

There are rising concerns that the vapor from electronic cigarettes may contain metals like nickel, tin, lead, and cadmium, which may cause respiratory and nervous system problems.

E-Cigarettes Can Be Addictive Just Like Regular Cigarettes

Both e-cigars and regular cigarettes contain addictive nicotine. So, you can also get addicted when vaping.


Smoking is a habit that is quite dangerous for your health as it leads to cardiovascular diseases. Though vaping might be considered less harmful compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, the long-term effects of vaping are still not known, so you should always be cautious about your health. If you are thinking of using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, you should do proper research and seek professional advice first to know your choices. The sooner you quit smoking, the faster your body repairs and rebounds itself.

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