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Is Drinking Well Water Good for You?

Over forty-three million people have private wells for their homes in the United States. There are many benefits to owning a private well, such as not having a water bill and never worrying about service disruptions.

However, is it safe to drink well water? It can be very healthy for you if you take the right precautions. But do not underestimate the attention your well water needs, or you could get very sick. Read on to learn all about well water.

well water

Factors to Explore

Well, water is considered to be healthy for you because it is largely chemical-free, and you know exactly where your water is coming from. However, you have to look at the factors involved to make sure it is actually safe.

If you have neighbors that use a private well, that doesn’t mean your well water is automatically safe. Consider the location of your particular well, if there is any construction being conducted, and the age of your well. These could all contribute to unsafe bacteria getting into your water, which could affect you and your health.


Testing your water is key to knowing just what is in it. Since your well is private, the FDA does not monitor it, meaning anything at all could be in it. From pesticides to viruses to parasites, you want to know what’s in your well water.

It’s smart to get both the well and the well water professionally tested and inspected every year. You can also send your water away to get tested in a lab. If you find that there are things that you don’t want in your well water, that’s where a filtration system comes in.

Water Filters and Softeners

Using a water filter for well water is a great way to know that you are removing any contaminants or impurities. Generally, they work using a chemical or biological process or using a physical barrier, and are used for individual sinks or water bottles.

Using a water softener for well water is similar to using water filters for your individual sinks, but are used for the entire house. They soften the water by removing any harsh minerals that cause the water to become hard and cause scale deposits.

However, many are salt-based, which means salt leaking into your drinking water. This well water filtration system is not salt-based and keeps all the essential minerals while cleaning everything else out.

Is It Safe to Drink Well Water?

So, is it safe to drink well water? The answer is not short and sweet, but it is possible to make your well water safe to drink. Take the proper precautions, test your water, and get a good water filtration system.

You will be drinking chemical-free water that you know is clean and healthy. If you enjoyed this article and would like more great content, click on the next article now!

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