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Dog Nails Trimming

Is this the sound or something similar you hear when your dog walks over a hard surface? Well, it means only one simple thing, it’s time for dog nail trimming. It is very important to understand and know how to trim a dog’s nail as it is an essential part of dog grooming. If dog nail trimming is not followed regularly, it will lead to many dog health problems. The dog may experience excruciating pain in his paws, ingrown nails may lead to many infections and may even cause dog nail bleeding. The following article will cover some dog nail trimming tips that will help you take care of your dog’s nails.

dog nails trimming

When To Begin With Dog Nail Trimming

Many owners often wonder when to clip their dogs nails. It always a good idea to begin clipping dog nails during puppyhood. This will help the dog get used to the process and you will face less dog nail trimming problems with an adult dog. You need to first begin by asking the dog for his paw like a handshake. You should take the dog’s paw and apply light pressure on the nails and paw pads. Then lightly pinch the nails between your fingers. When the dog stays calm during this entire step, you need to reward the dog with dog treats.

Now, you need to show the nail clipper to the dog and allow him to sniff it. This will help the dog recognize the clipper when you actually use it to cut his nail. The dog won’t be fearful or nervous when you hold it in your hand and cut the nail.

Continue shaking his paw for a few days and showing him the clipper. Then, one fine day, instead of your fingers, use the clipper and clip off the nail. Then immediately praise him and give him dog treats. After a few days, cut off another nail. If the dog seems to accept what you are doing, continue to clip off the other nails. With regular dog nail trimming sessions, you will find the dog getting accustomed to this daunting procedure with little tantrums to throw about.

Dog Nail Trimming Tools

You need to have the proper dog nail trimming tools ready, before you start with the process. This will help in reducing the dog nail trimming problems like bleeding nails. You will find many dog nail trimming tools available in a pet shop. You should buy the following tools like:

  • Guillotine type nail clippers (suitable for medium to large dogs)
  • Large scissor type nail clippers (suitable for small dogs)
  • Nail fines for small and medium dog breeds
  • ‘Bastard’ file for large dog breeds
  • Styptic powder or Cornstarch/flour in case of bleeding nail.
  • Nail caps and Vaseline
  • Dog nail polish (for the stylish few)
  • Dog Nail Trimming Tips

You need to speak to your dog gently and get him to lie down on a raised table or other flat surface. The table should be covered with a rubber mat or non slipping mat so that the dog does not slip off. You need to ask someone to help you out by holding the dog, especially a large dog while you trim dog nails.

Now you need to place your left arm around the middle body of the dog and hold the dog against your chest. Speak to him with love and try to ease off his nervousness. Hold the dog’s foot in your left hand and place your thumb on the top of the toe and two or more fingers are to be placed below the pad of the foot.

You need to take the clipper and clip the nail at a 45 degree angle. Be very careful as the nerves and veins of the dog end very close to the dog nail tips. Always cut the dog;’s nail upwards, never downwards. While cutting, be sure you look out for the dark spot in the center of the nail. This is the part you should avoid cutting or you will cause a lot of pain to the dog and bleeding of the nail. Just squeeze on the clipper firmly and smoothly. The nail will easily come off.

You should cut little and regularly to save yourself and the dog a lot of trouble. Once you cut off each nail, use the nail fail and smooth off the rough edges. You can finish off by applying a little Vaseline and polish the nail.

If you miss the spot accidentally and cause the nail to bleed, refer the article dog nail bleeding for immediate treatment and care.

It is very important to keep the dog’s nail short and trimmed to avoid complications. Long nails will cause a lot of pain to the dog while waking and broken nails will lead to bleeding and infections. Ingrown nails will break into the pads of the dogs paws leading to more complications. Keep in mind, the dogs nails should not touch the ground while walking. If you are not sure if you can handle dog nail trimming yourself, you can always visit the vet or professional groomer for their services for the same as dog nail trimming cost is not much. Give your dog treats after he behaves like a ‘good boy’ and treat yourself for a ‘job well done’.

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