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How to develop a Creative Headspace and Action Plan


Believe, in yourself and your abilities. You don’t need to impress anyone. You don’t even need to share your dreams at the beginning, you just need to allow yourself to dream. Even if you don’t have a clue about how you will achieve your dream, believe, relax, act and let it happen. It is the journey which is the achievement.

Find Your Compelling Moment

What’s affecting your life today? Is your time poor? Do you feel your life lacks meaning? Do you want to leave a legacy? You can be sure you’re not alone. What have you seen, heard or read about lately which really grabbed your interest? Not necessarily the overwhelming “bad news”, but something where you can make a difference. Something you would be proud to share with Oprah on her show, something important to you, something which makes you feel empowered.

Discover Your Passion

Whether you love painting, cooking, knitting, beading, jewelry making, scrapbooking, woodworking, home decorating, gardening, sewing, writing or any of the other many arts, crafts, hobbies or pursuits, you can weave it into your lifestyle in some way. Perhaps you can make gifts for your family and friends. Your passion can be a solitary activity aimed at personal satisfaction or something you can share.

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How to develop a Creative Headspace and Action Plan

Learn From The Experts

While you don’t want to copy anyone, and you need to express your own originality, you can get lots of ideas, techniques, and motivation from others. Who are the experts in your passion? Google them, read up on what they are doing, find out about the next big trend. Be inspired to adapt your skills to a hot new project.

Easy Research

Use the best research tool ever created. The internet. The volume of knowledge at your fingertips is astounding, whole libraries, personal experiences, technical data, ideas, opinions, facts, instructions, and misinformation. It’s all there to be used as you see fit.

Can It Change Your Life (Or Someone Else)?

Many a small project has taken on a life of its own and grown into something the originator never dreamed was possible. Can you use your skills to develop a community project or your own small business? Remember that shared experiences grow exponentially.

Blend and Twist

No, this is not a knitting pattern. It’s a way of thinking. Your experiences don’t exist in isolation. Blend your life experiences, intertwine them through your actions. You may have an inspiration for a creative project, or have the desire to share your skills and knowledge with others, and in the process improve your own lifestyle as well as the lives of others.

Share Your Passion

Write about it or make a video to show how it’s done. Start your own blog. In the process, you will learn new skills that you can further share. It’s a process without an end, but which is full of the satisfaction of achievement.

Decide, and Take Control

If things are moving too slowly for you, discuss your passion with someone close to you, someone supportive. Talking about it will make it real. Use life’s challenges to advance yourself. Indecision and inaction are decisions in themselves and means that nothing changes. Decide and take action. This means you have taken control of your dreams.

Taking these steps can help you learn more and be more so your life can be more fulfilling, satisfying and happy.

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