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How to Send Custom Tees as Gifts

Finding something to buy for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or wedding can be quite difficult. But by using an independent business and their tools it’s simple to make a customized shirt that they will just love.

When it comes to a birthday party or important event it can be difficult to decide on exactly what to buy because everyone wants to purchase something unique and special. The problem is that conventional gifts like microwaves, DVDs, and books are impersonal and quite common. But custom t-shirts are the perfect gifts because they are unique and very personal.

However, many people believe that to design t-shirts is a difficult and time-consuming process. This is not the case at all because many companies that specialize in these customized shirts provide the customer with all the software tools needed.

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Find a Company

The most important thing to do first is to find a website and a company that has a good track record when it comes to personalized shirts. This is not difficult to do because there are plenty of reviews that can be found via a Google search.

It should be taken into account that some companies are faster than others so make sure that the company in question can deliver the personalized tees on time or it could be quite embarrassing when that special someone’s event comes around.

Start Creating

At this point, the custom design service will probably prompt the customer to upload a design, picture, or choose from a number of the default designs already available on the website’s database. Many websites will allow the customer to change the size and morph the uploaded/selected image according to their personal specifications.


Graphics and texts can also be added to the shirt, in most cases. They can be added to the front, the back, and even to the sleeves of the garment. However, it should be noted that many companies will charge based on the amount of graphics used because the more complex the shirt the more costly it is to make.


Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. Most of the time, the default color will either be black or white, but usually there are other colors that the customer can select too. Depending on the service in question, the individual may also be able to choose from a complex range of shades and tones.


Make sure that the correct size is selected prior to ordering. Ideally, the gift receivers t-shirt size should already be known prior to order anything because otherwise, it can be a hassle to start exchanging garments later on, especially when it comes to custom t-shirts.

If the gift is supposed to be a surprise then attempt to ask one of their relatives or other friends what their size is. Alternatively, it’s possible to just check a discarded garment whilst in the lucky individual’s home.


This depends entirely on which company is chosen as some companies will have a preview of the tee at the side of each step, which updates in real-time, whereas other companies will simply have a preview page at the end of the process.

Make sure that the shirt is checked and double-checked before ordering due to the fact that canceling orders is a pain for both sides.

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