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Choosing the right cap for men

Many sports ranging from golf to cricket are played outdoors in the hot sun. Most athletic events ranging from the marathon to walking races are also held outdoors. If the head of the sportsperson is not shielded, it will become hot and add to the discomfort of the player. Hence many players are wearing a sports cap when outdoors. The sports cap can also shield their eyes to some extent. While caps are a popular fashion accessory for men, with many top fashion brands selling different designs of sports caps, and some tips for choosing the best men’s sports cap are provided below.

cap for men

One of the criteria for choosing the best cap for sports is the material of the cap. Since the player will usually be outdoors, he will be sweating in the hot weather. This sweat can lead to itching and discomfort. Hence the cap should be made from a material that will easily absorb the sweat so that the head will remain reasonably dry. Cotton twill is usually the most popular material for the cap since it will absorb the sweat easily. In some cases, a spandex blend may be used, since it is stretchable for a better fitting. A cap with a mesh lining is preferred for additional comfort.

Another design consideration while choosing the cap is the construction of the cap. Usually, most of the caps are made from panels which are then stitched together. Typically most of the caps have five or six panels. Since the shape and size of the head of each person are different, the cap buyer can choose between various options for a better fit. Fitted caps are available for sportsmen, these are manufactured on request. The dimensions of the head of the user will be measured, and the panels used for making the cap will be chosen accordingly to make a cap that fits well.

It is very important to check the fitting of the cap, if the cap is too large, it will slip off easily while running, and if it is very small, it will not fit on the head. Hence many cap buyers prefer the other option for making a cap fit on the head properly, by using an adjustable strap for the cap. The cap will have a strap of leather or other material that can be adjusted so that it will fit on the head perfectly. Elastic straps will automatically fit on the head properly. If other non-stretchable materials are used for the strap, a buckle should also be provided.

The advantage of having an adjustable hat strap is that only one side of the cap can be ordered, for multiple people, instead of asking each person for their head size. In addition to protecting the head, the other reason why people wear a cap is to keep the sun out of their eyes, which can damage their eyes, and also make it difficult to see clearly. The best caps will have a bill or visor which will also shelter the face and the eyes. This visor can be flat or precurved depending on the design. In some cases, the visor will also be adjustable.

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