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Chocolate with Vitamins, Why Opt for This Instead?

There is never a time in any one’s life where they have had a craving for something sweet, like chocolate or candy perhaps. This is a natural thing that our bodies crave occasionally, and the unfortunate thing about most of us is that if we are not careful about what we put into our mouth, it can become an addiction, and not the good kind, not to mention it can have various unfavorable and life-long health effects.

However, there are things that you can do to feed that craving but in a healthy way so as not to harm your teeth or your body. But first, let us see how bad it is to eat too much chocolate, and then dive into the option that may be the best fitting for your lifestyle and health choices.

Chocolate with Vitamins

 Bad Things That happen When You Eat Too Much Chocolate

Anything in excess can be bad for you, and with chocolate, it’s the same. Eating it may not be bad, but the type of ones you eat, milk or dark, can be good for you but can also harm your health in general.Those who are sensitive to caffeine, for instance, may feel adverse effects of eating it which, according to experts, can include:

  1. Stomach Issues such as Acid reflux or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  2. Acne appears on the Skin
  3. Cardiovascular Problems
  4. Insomnia and lack of sleep
  5. Extra Systoles
  6. Heart Palpitations
  7. Increase in Anxiety and Dizziness
  8. Weight Gain

To name a few.

What Are the Alternatives

vitamin b12

As mentioned earlier, the good thing is that there are alternatives to curbing your cravings or replacing them with something much better for your body, mind, and skin. One such thing is eating chocolates that have clean and healthy ingredients in them, instead of being packed full of sugar and artificial fillers instead.

In other words, when you get a craving, and a lot of women get this during their premenstrual cycles, you can choose to eat chocolate with vitamins for instance. That is right. This is one of the popular choices for those health-conscious people who know what is good for them. Typically, these types of treats contain ingredients such as dark chocolates, Vitamin B12 which on its own has multiple health benefits, and are good for the brain, will give you much-needed energy, and improve your mood too. Who wouldn’t want that?

B12 is a substance that keeps that body’s blood cells and nerves, healthy as well as making DNA in all of one’s cells. Some people who suffer from “megaloblastic anemia” a tired of health condition that makes a person feel weak and tired all the time, can benefits from this vitamin too. There are different recommendations for people to take this as part of their diet from birth up to adult life, for instance breastfeeding women need at least 2.8mg of this vitamin as the recommended amount

Other inclusions to look for in these types of sweet treats are that they should be Non-GMO. GMO stands for “genetically modified” ingredients or organisms. This happens when either a plant or an animal’s genetic makeup has been modified or changed in some way inside of a laboratory and is no more its natural self or is not as nature intended it to be. When items have been modified in laboratories, they have an adverse effect on human health.

There have been several studies and research done about this to reveal that GMO products may tend to alter our genes. Although some may agree that these types of artificial products grown in labs are safe and cost-effective and that they may also enhance the nutritional value of the food product, it still has various disadvantages too. It has been seen to affect people in many ways including enhancing allergies in their bodies, causing some types of cancers, to name a few. Further information regarding this can be found on recommended sources online.

In the end, choosing what is best for our bodies is key. Substituting something bad for you, with something good, ultimately is the key to a happy and healthy life!

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