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Challenging Your Inner Designer to Step Outside the Tiny Box

In real estate markets across the world, a new type of housing is heating up. Unconventionally tiny homes are becoming a norm in more cities beyond places like Amsterdam where boathouses are common.

The trend grew out of people’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint. However, many people still aren’t prepared for the dramatic change in their living arrangement. It takes a lot of creative thinking and unique decorating to make the space seem larger than it is, but it’s a challenge worth taking.

Room-by-Room Guide to Decorating Unique Small Spaces

Whether it’s a tree house, container home or boathouse, tiny homes require a lot of planning and thoughtful design. Each room will need to be carefully considered from every angle. Every square inch of space needs to be utilized and multi functional whenever possible, which can affect the décor.

Let’s take a look at a few creative ways to maximize the use and style of small rooms. One rule of thumb for every room in the tiny house – use the vertical space when the square footage is scarce.


In a small bedroom the biggest concern is always how to fit in a bed. That’s why murphy beds are so popular. Bonus points if the furniture has shelving built into the unit. Two other good options are a daybed that can go from a single to a full-size bed and a captain’s loft bunk bed. The captain’s loft is ideal for a single person that needs the bedroom to double as an office.

As long as you have exact measurements you can still buy bedroom furniture online, which will give you more sleeping options for a tight space.

Bonus Tip: A stylish desktop organizer can be kept on the bedside table to store a few more things without the tabletop looking cluttered.


An easy design trick to use in the kitchen is going monochromatic with the color scheme. Keep the counters, backsplash, kitchen windows and cabinets within the same tone, preferably on the lighter side to make it appear more open.

You can also maximize storage in the kitchen and turn kitchenware into décor by affixing magnetic strips that can hold metal spice containers, knives, etc. Of course, a pot rack that hangs overhead can give you a place for pans when you don’t have enough cabinet space.

Bonus Tip: A fold down kitchen table can be used as a place to eat, extra counter space or a workspace. It can even double as artwork when it’s folded up.


The bathroom is where a lot of new tiny homeowners have a shock. For starters, you’re only going to have one bathroom. Anything more than that is a rarity in tiny houses and unconventional mobile homes.

Most designs don’t incorporate a tub. When every square foot has to be put to its best purpose most people can’t justify the tub based on how little it’s used. A spacious shower with seating is the nice middle ground between a shower and a tub.

Strategic shelving can help free up some of your cabinet space. Towels, bathroom mirrors, decorative soaps, and containers can be displayed and stored along with the wall so things like the plunger can be kept out of sight under the sink.

Living Room

The best way to make a small living room look larger is to cut out all clutter and keep things simple. The less there is the more space the living room will appear to have.

Merging the outdoor and indoor living areas is another effective way to make the space look much bigger than it actually is. If you have a door leading out to a patio or deck, replace it with a French or sliding door that gives you a great view of outside. You can also create cohesion by using the same design elements in both living spaces.

Pull out couches are usually too bulky for a tiny-sized living room. Here again a daybed can help you get more use out of the space. Many designs resemble small couches, but underneath another single mattress is tucked away for guests.

Closet Space

While it’s not really a room, closet space is a feature that many tiny homes are short on in general. This is the spot where the vertical space can be maximized to its fullest. Every single bit of wall space can be used for shelf storage.

On the flip side, you may get more use out of a shallow closet by converting it into another space entirely. This has become a popular way to work in a miniature office. Add a few shelves at the top and you can still use it for storage.

Designing and decorating a tiny home is a challenge, but it’s rewarding when your cozy space feels completely adequate.

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