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Career Paths for Intrapersonal Intelligent People

Some days, there is a specific need to slow things down, take a deep breath, and meditate. Those mere 30 minutes of one’s time is enough to give space to process thoughts, feelings, and to get to know oneself better. Some people do this consistently and provide themselves with time each day to keep track of the latest changes within them. All of these are clear manifestations of intrapersonal intelligence.

It is a theory developed by Howard Gardner, along with other types of intelligence, but it is the only innate in every person. However, individuals have varied ways of interpreting it and understanding themselves.

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Career Paths for Intrapersonal Intelligent People

What Is Intrapersonal Intelligence?

Jim Kwik, the author of Mindvalley’s Superbrain program, puts the whole meaning of intrapersonal intelligence into simpler words. He says, “We need to understand how our minds work so that we can work our minds better.”

In other words, intrapersonal intelligence is an understanding of how individuals process their thoughts, feelings, and knowledge of the world. By doing so, each one can put it to a good or better use. Some people took it to their advantage and eventually, found careers to incorporate their unique capabilities.

Careers for Intrapersonal Intelligent People

Thomas Armstrong, the author of the book “Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom,” believes it is vital to let children understand and know their intelligence to make a practical and perfect career choice in the future. Adults do play crucial roles in this, especially when it comes to “career days,” where they do have the chance to talk about their jobs and show them off when young learners go on a field trip.

When the children are choosing their careers, it is essential to let them understand what feels right to them. Also, keep in mind that imposing job choices on children early on might have adverse effects and lead to confusion in them.

Also, do not let the kids’ innate talent interfere with their future. But, later on, if there is an active manifestation of intrapersonal intelligence, he or she might find it efficient to work as any of the following:


A psychologist is a person who studies how the human mind works and its behavioral manifestations. Therefore, anyone who dares to venture into this field must have a deep understanding of brain functions, and would, without a doubt, need to understand himself or herself first.


Counselors are people who specialize in giving guidance regarding personal, social, or psychological problems. To be an effective one, they must have a deep understanding of feelings and emotions. Among the myriad of tasks, they have, is giving practical and easy-to-follow steps on how a person can turn their lives around for the better, by processing their emotions.


A businessman needs to learn how to interact with their customers. As they do, some mistakes may be made along the way caused by someone’s actions and way of thinking. Successful entrepreneurs learn from this mistake.

The first step is to evaluate themselves and keep track of future interactions. Then, by backtracking, and giving themselves a critical yet objective judgment, they can turn these mistakes into opportunities.

Nevertheless, no matter what career path anyone chooses, there would be a need to employ intrapersonal intelligence one way or another. In some ways, it is what keeps a person sane and on track for the goals that they are trying to reach in life.

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