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Should I Buy A 14K/18K Jewelry Online

Gone are the days when jewelry shopping would require driving over to the store and spending hours, trying to find the perfect piece. It is now as convenient as buying clothes and accessories. Online jewelry shopping is quite the rage, given the kind of accessibility it gives to a whole range of varieties instead of a limited one. It is a lot more comfortable to sit back, relax, and choose from an exhaustive collection. It is also a lot more favorable for jewelers who can have their entire collection up for display on their website and not have physical stores to manage. However, if you are not quite convinced about online jewelry stores, this article will help you understand how it’s easy and absolutely safe to do so.

What are the benefits of buying 14K/18K Jewelry online?

What are the benefits of buying 14K/18K Jewelry online?

There are innumerable reasons to buy jewelry online. Listed below are some of them:

Authentic Information

When you are buying from a brand’s website, you will have access to all their information that will help you to know the company details, their certification, registered payment method and you can also have the information verified upfront.

Size chart

A lot of buyers wonder whether proper sizing is possible while buying online jewelry. Almost all online jewelry stores offer a size chart for reference so that you do not have to step out to ensure that the cocktail ring fits on your ring finger.

Product description

The best part about buying online jewelry is the detailed product description that helps you to make an informed choice. You will no longer have to depend upon the elaborate stories of the marketing person. Right from metal type, dimension, carat, weight, and size; everything is clearly mentioned.

No rush

There is an undeniable rush about buying things when you are at a store. The marketing person literally rushes you through their collection and you don’t really enjoy the process. In online shopping, there is no rush. You can take your time, involve family members in the buying decision, and buy the best piece.

5 Things To Consider While Buying Jewelry Online

While buying jewelry offers a lot of flexibility, there are a few factors that should be considered while making your purchase. If you bear these in mind, you can have a safe, secure, and happy shopping experience.

  1. Purity of metal

It is very important to know how pure the metal is because it directly impacts the pricing of the product. For that, you will need a purity certificate that mentions whether a given piece is 14K or 18K gold. If the online store is offering one, they are reliable, in all probability.

  1. Stone specifications

Yet another important factor is the stone clarity, color, weight, and a number of stones that are studded. Go through these details thoroughly in the product description section and also find out whether you get a diamond certificate with your purchase.

  1. Dimensions of the product

It is hard to assess how big or small a piece of jewelry is unless we try it on. Online jewelry stores not only have the product dimensions clearly mentioned on their website but some of them also have a ‘Try it on’ feature that will virtually show how it looks on you.

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