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Why Biodegradable Sporting Goods Is The Future Of Sports

In the last few years, sports have been more involved in helping eco-sustainability. Sports events, big games have all given their contributions for the sake of nature and the whole planet.

In close relation to health, the sports can’t show support and take part in the climate crisis is concerning us for years. Although, it takes many years to be saved totally, every small step, every small action matters, thus choosing one way, or the other in giving their efforts, time, and attention to make the planet a better place for living is expected from all those sports organizations and institutions. They all took part in environmental sustainability.

Apart from games and events, sports companies are not excluded in helping this situation be solved as soon as possible, without harming nature. The damage is already done, at least these manufacturers can implement it to keep their polluting activities at a minimum. It is impossible for the sports industry, or any other industry to stop their productions, but making their processes less polluting will surely make a difference.

As soon as many sustainable solutions appeared, sports manufacturers started implementing them. Known brands in order to keep their existing, and attract potential customers have tried methods and ways until they get to the end-products, that are produced of more natural resources, and most importantly, making less pollution to the Earth. Sustainability is not only for using less-polluting resources but reusing and recycling, without leaving waste that appears beneficial for both manufacturers and users.

Biodegradable Sporting Goods

Sports Products that Appear as Biodegradable on the Market

For sports companies to show responsibility and contribution to the environment will need to use more natural materials that are in most cases biodegradable. Usually, the majority of eco-friendly sports goods are made of a combination of different materials, including plants, rubber, and leather.

All the mentioned materials are on the list of biodegradable materials, some of them tend to degrade slowly compared to others. As plants are the most natural resource it is the one that degrades faster, and it is known as the best eco-resource. However, not all of the sports goods include plants in their products, like is the case with sports balls. Some of the sports that are using sports balls are Soccer ball, Baseball, Basketball, and Volleyball.

Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball are using different types of sports balls, which means they are made of different materials. Without a doubt, we can say that Beach Volleyball uses much lighter and softer sports balls. These features are leading us to the materials used in the production process. If we see deeply, we can notice that both types of Volleyball balls are made of mostly leather and natural fibers and plants, which happen to be very degradable.

Soccer often considered one of the topmost played sports, also involves biodegradable materials in its products and equipment. Made of processed plants and animal products, like animal leather, these sports balls are totally using bio-degradable materials.

However, the percent of biodegradable materials in some materials may be higher than others. Faux leather, mostly known as Vegan leather is another biodegradable material, but it does take a longer time to biodegrade, breaking off into tiny microplastics.

As we all know soccer is played among different generations with different levels and experiences, so it is important for companies to produce many sizes in sustainable versions. Size 5 is designed for players above the age of 12, as well as professionals, while there is a ball made for younger players, and that is Size 4 Soccer ball.

Also, a great example of sports balls that use biodegradable materials in the production process is basketballs. Indoor and Outdoor Basketballs require different processes and materials of making, but the combination of those materials is pretty similar.

Plants and leather, either animal or vegan, all can biodegrade and be harmless for the environment. As in Soccer, basketball players appear in different ages, so the size for youngsters, boys and girls can also use eco-friendly basketball, which is 27.5 Basketball.

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