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4 of the Best Watches Under $10,000

When you are into serious watch collecting, most Swiss luxury brand’s sweet spot price their timepieces come in between the $1000-$10000 range. Rolexes, Omegas, and other stalwart watchmakers seem to agree that a truly exceptional watch starts at $6,000, give or take. In this article, we’ve listed down the best watches you can buy with a $10,000 budget:

Best Watches Under $10,000

Girard-Perregaux Laureto 42 Chronograph

Any self-respecting watch collector will choose a chronograph watch for their one-watch collection, and while there certainly are lots of choices out there, and excellent ones at that, Girard-Perregaux’s Laureto 42 chronograph presents an incredibly attractive proposition bundled in a $10,000 price point.

The brand is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers, producing some iconic timepieces that have withstood the test of time. Although getting a Girard Perregaux is seen as an unorthodox choice these days, you can never go wrong with this particular chronograph watch. It looks reminiscent of a Big Bang and Nautilus at the same time but in a bigger and more substantial footprint.

Zenith El Primero

Heralded as one of the best chronograph watches ever made, Zenith’s El Primero is an icon in the industry, a true collector’s item. If you ever need one chronograph watch in your life, the El Primero will surely be a strong contender for it. It’s not the most popular of chronograph watches, but it’s pretty much one of the firsts to feature tri-color chronograph dials.

Another attractive thing about El Primero is its heritage. It’s one of the first automatic chronograph watches ever made, and since its conception, it has had quite the journey. The latest iteration has a more subdued tri-color chronograph dial, but the movement is still an in-house caliber developed by Zenith, featuring an automatic chronograph with a 36,000 VpH at 5hz.

IWC Ingenieur Titanium

The International Watch Company or IWC is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers, dating back to the 1800s. It’s popular with dressy watches, having some of the most sophisticated presentations in its mechanical and automatic timepieces. There is a finish to an IWC watch that’s uniquely individual, and the Ingenieur line has some truly handsome choices. Trust us when we say that you truly will get your money’s worth with an IWC purchase.

Get the one in black dial Perpetual Calendar model and you get yourself a default dress watch to pair with your bespoke three-piece suit. It can also transition well to business casual outfits. If you like your watch history, getting the one with five bored holes in its case pays homage to legendary designer Gerard Genta. The Ingenieur line’s piece de resistance though is its ability to withstand magnetism, and every watch in this collection is able to fend off strong magnetic fields.

Rolex Submariner

If you have a $10,000 budget, a Rolex will always be a top option. But what model of Rolex do you get that will give you the most value for your money at this price point? Well, for starters, a GMT should suffice, but the case for the Submariner is stronger. It’s almost a no-brainer that you get a Submariner with this kind of budget.

This is a classic diver’s watch that you can style up and down depending on the occasion. You can wear it to the boardroom with a stainless steel or leather strap, and dress it down with a NATO band for a quick swim in the ocean. This is a versatile watch, no question, and with Rolex’s proprietary Oystersteel and caliber movement inside, you’re pretty much buying a piece of history.


A $10,000 budget for a Swiss watch may be steep for most people, but this is the price you have to pay for basically a wearable work of art. So do your research and decide on the best one after!

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