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Best Mobile Games To Download on Your Phone

Mobile games are fun and enticing to do. Most kids, teenagers, and adults that are gamers-at-heart play mobile games every day. To most gamers, they would rather play on small gaming consoles, or better, mobile phones.

There are different types of mobile games. Some games require not much attention, such as auto battles and stand-by management games. while other games let you focus on the game, such as rhythm games. Most rhythm games are played in arcades and portable gaming consoles in the past, but these games are readily available in most mobile devices today.

If you’re a gamer who is looking for the best game that features music rhythm, here are the best ones you can get today. These mobile games are truly worth the try and purchase. Most of these games have customizable characters and avatars, such as cosmetic things, and more catchy and updated songs.

Best Mobile Games

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Cytus 11

Cytus 11 is one of the most popular mobile games in the market today. The creators are renowned for making many rhythmic games for smartphones that deliver excellent content and gameplay, a sequel to the popular music rhythm game for the android app.

Human beings have modified the creation of the internet in the future and combined the physical world with the modern universe, in the futuristic space named cyTus, an enigmatic DJ named AEsir makes music that alluresĀ  gamers.

The game showcases a distinctive mechanic of the Active Judgment Line that taped a particular memo while the line of judgment intersects at the same time would yield an advantaged score. It contains more than 30 songs available in the beginning and potentially eligible for purchase with more than 70 tracks.


Lanota is an anime rhythm game that showcases the art direction with a colourful world and an artistic feel. The action also has the common game-tapping feature from other titles. Furthermore, the game, besides, has animation as visual indications to help you land the right notes.

The game offers different levels of difficulty that fits up to the hardcore veterans for beginners, casual players. It also has the primary story mode, in which you uncover plots in the characters as you progress further. That being said, the trial version also has narrative campaign restrictions, and even constraints the retry function. But once you’ve bought the title, you’ll get more tracks to play.


When you’re a Dance Dance Revolution addict or just Beatmania in the arcade machines, BeatX is something of a reference to it. You certainly get the feeling of nostalgia. While it’s more of a fanmade title, BeatX has the same from DDR games and without having to play it with Android or iOS.

With more than 100 songs to choose from, from popular DDR music through to any custom songs. BeatX also has various gaming types, from a single game to a double cooperative mode. One useful aspect is that via Bluetooth, you can use a game controller or even a dance pad. So at the arcades, you will replicate the romantic sensation of music.


Neowiz brings the same music tapping game experience from the creators who introduced the famous music rhythm game called DJMAX into the gaming places and gaming consoles. Tapsonic is on your handheld devices today.

It might seem to have ordinary gameplay, but World Champion is all about being rivalrous, just like other various game types are accessible to select from. There’s a lot of soundtracks to download, along with some of the epitome hits from DJMAX.

The significant part of this game is that there is no pay to win small transactions or payments, as most music is downloadable with the use of content redevelopment free of charge. You may also enjoy Tapsonic without needing to create an internet link. Thus, without being continuously linked, you will love the experience outdoors.


Now that you have a peek of some of the best rhythm games available for your mobile games don’t ever miss one out. Every game is unique in its way, and it brings different levels of thrill and excitement to anyone who plays the game. They can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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