Friday, 21 Jun 2024

4 of the Best Emojis to Use for Starting a Conversation

Emojis is a big part of online and digital communication. What started as small icons and pictographs to make known what one person is exactly feeling, these small icons are unique to how we communicate on the Internet. And as we move forward with technology, emojis are just going to be more interactive. They’ve been immortalized in movies, in pop culture, and is usually a part of memes and other forms of digital communication.

But at their most basic, emojis are used for texting, commenting, chatting with a person, or a group of people. It gives your message another dimension, something that makes it more accurate in tone and purpose. So if you’re one of those people who want to connect with random people on the Internet, you need to up your emoji game. Here are the best emojis to use when starting a conversation:

Thinking face/Hmm emoji

Starting a conversation can be daunting, but some topics need to be discussed openly in order for facts to makes sense. Find someone on social media spouting off a controversial opinion. Whether it’s in their news feed or on the comment section of profiles, and you want to engage the person, you can start the discussion by offering the thinking face or hmm emoji.

This emoji will say more than what you expected it to. A simple thinking emoji on a controversial comment will certainly spark a thread of conversation. When you add in text that perfectly summarizes what you feel, then it becomes more effective. Another great use of this emoji is for flirting. Sending this emoji to someone would make the other person think that you are thinking about possibilities!

Eyes emoji

An innocent emoji through and through, the eyes emoji has seen an increase in usage the past few years because it perfectly encapsulates something that we all relate to. The main message that the emoji communicates is: “I see you”. This could mean a lot of things–recognition, interest, shock, even the look of flirting. You can effectively use this emoji to stir up emotions to start a conversation.

Say someone in your circle posted a thirst trap and badly want them to know that you are interested; you can send emoji as a DM or comment in the eyes emoji. More effectively, responding to their story with this emoji will certainly let them know that they are now on your radar. Word of caution, though: don’t use this emoji randomly!

Devil Face emoji

The devil face emoji can be passive-aggressive because it can say much without really saying anything. If you drop a devil face emoji into someone’s post, it certainly will get a response! Do you think they’re bad, evil, gross? Do you think that you’re the one thinking evil, impure thoughts? This will make start a whole new conversation! When all else fails, clarify your stance with an accompanying message!

Waving hand emoji.

This is the most used emoji for wanting to start a conversation because it represents “Hi”, “Hello”, “How are you”. Use this emoji as a preamble if you want to start a conversation that you want to last! Or if you’re courageous, you can use this on post comments, stories, and etc. Always remember that this emoji needs a message as well so that the other person knows what’s up!


Starting a conversation on the Internet is a fun way to keep you engaged! So make sure you follow digital etiquette to prevent making an ass out of yourself. Use these emojis for effective communication instead!


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