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The Benefits of Having an Australian Wool Quilt

Australia is the smallest continent of the world with large areas of arid land and desert. Australia is also the world’s sixth-largest country in terms of land area with over 7.692 million square kilometres. However, with so much land area, you would expect that the population of Australia is going to be huge. On the contrary, because of the arid interior regions of Australia, most of the country’s residents have concentrated on the outer coastal regions leaving most of the inner regions to be used for livestock raising. It is estimated that Australia has a lot more sheep than it has people. The sheep to person ratio in the country is three to one.

Australian Wool Quilt

Because Australia has more sheep than people, the country has developed its sheep industry. Australia is now popular for producing high-quality wool quilts which have a massive demand all over the world. An Australian wool quilt is in demand because of the following reasons.

Provides High-Quality Sleep. Wool quilts can lower heart rate during sleep. This low heart rate will provide people with a more blissful sleep with increased periods of REM sleep. REM, also known as Rapid Eye Movement, is a stage of deep sleep that is essential to feel well-rested. An average adult who sleeps for at least 8 hours at night will only get to have one to two hours of REM or deep sleep. Studies have shown that wool quilts have increased deep sleep duration to more than two hours per night. One reason for the increase in deep sleep is the moisture-wicking ability of wool to remove moisture or sweat from the body and release it to the environment. Because of this, the body’s temperature is regulated during sleep and therefore, fewer distractions are felt.

Reduces Bedroom Allergies. Wool can naturally resist the growth of mould and mildew because it does not allow moisture to stay in its fibres. Because wool does not retain moisture, it will not have damp areas where mould or mildew may thrive. Mould and mildew can cause allergies which may further disrupt your sleep.

Fire Resistant. Wool fibres are protected by lanolin which is a wax produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Lanolin protects the wool by keeping the moisture content of the wool intact. This intact moisture in the wool fibres makes it naturally resistant to fire. However, the lanolin in wool fibres may be sensitive for some people. It is, therefore, a good practice to test the wool quilt first on your bare skin before purchasing an Australian wool quilt.

Sustainability. You can purchase an Australian wool quilt guilt-free by knowing that they come from highly sustainable productions. Woolgrowers have agreed to raise their sheep as humanly as possible. The sheep are sheared once a year, and no sheep are harmed during the process. A sheep can grow back its full set of wool in a year. The shearing process is scheduled during the warm season when the sheep will have no use for the extra coverage on their body. Since there are over seventy-five million sheep in Australia, there are enough sheep to let them rest after the shearing season.

So, if you want to have the best sleep possible, it is best to get yourself an Australian wool quilt.

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