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Benefits Of Custom Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations in Coquitlam

Are you planning a home improvement project? Bathrooms and kitchens require more frequent remodeling than the rest of the rooms due to their everyday exposure to wear and tear. Such renovation projects usually include replacement of outdated appliances, relocation of fixtures, installation of energy-efficient elements, re-painting of walls, installation of new flooring, and multiple other remodeling tasks.

Nevertheless, since bathroom and kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking, homeowners are advised to look for professional assistance. There is a multitude of custom renovation companies, such as Hiar Homes, providing all kinds of remodeling services.

These are the key benefits of commencing such a home improvement project.

Custom Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

Greater energy efficiency

Probably one of the greatest advantages of bathroom and kitchen remodeling is replacing the old appliances with greener models. Nowadays, there is an extensive variety of green household appliances whose energy efficiency is incomparable to the efficiency of conventional models.

When remodeling your kitchen, make sure you upgrade your appliances with newer models, which are rated with energy star. These green appliances, such as dishwashers, refrigerators, air purifiers, and freezers, employ much less energy, which in turn reduces your utility bills. Additionally, purchasing models that use LED technology would even further lower your monthly costs.

Moreover, bathroom remodeling can also improve the overall energy efficiency of your household. You are advised to replace the traditional fixtures with economical models. For instance, installing low-flow toilets, water-saving showerheads, and energy-efficient taps can genuinely reduce the amount of water and energy that is typically used in bathrooms.

Kitchen Renovations

Additionally, you should consider replacing your bathroom bulbs with LEDs, thus substantially reducing energy usage. Energy-efficient windows are an excellent bathroom upgrade, as these provide incredible insulation that maintains a cozy temperature during winter and cool temperatures in the course of summer. Click here for some useful tips about making your home energy-efficient.

For greater comfort, homeowners in cold climates should consider installing heated tile floors, which are of great importance on freezing mornings. These floors can be either heated with electric heating elements or with hot water, the latter being a more economical alternative. Besides heated flooring, heated towel warmers have also become a trend in sub-zero climates.

More space

Another incredible advantage of bathroom and kitchen renovations is adding extra space in order for homeowners not to feel claustrophobic. Most bathrooms tend to be amazingly small-sized, thus creating a claustrophobic feeling, instead of providing comfort.

Nevertheless, remodeling companies are capable of providing homeowners with bathroom designs that make the place look more spacious. Some of the bulky fixtures might be replaced with smaller ones, which are much more suitable for the given square footage. Professional remodelers can also reconstruct bathrooms so as to add extra space in cases where fixtures replacement doesn’t improve spaciousness.

bathroom Renovations

Furthermore, extra space is of essential importance in the kitchen, as it provides greater functionality. Claustrophobic kitchen designs prevent homeowners from enjoying the cooking process, as these are simply not functional. Anyhow, kitchen remodelers will come up with a plan that might involve taking down some walls or relocating cabinets and appliances to provide greater convenience. The following link,, includes helpful space-making hacks for small kitchens.

Improved aesthetics

Apart from greater functionality, bathroom and kitchen renovations provide homeowners with improved aesthetics. You’ll no longer be annoyed by the old-fashioned design of these rooms every time you walk through the door. Numerous homeowners are stuck with a design that dates a few decades back, desperately requiring to be replaced with a modern layout.

Moreover, there is a myriad of ways in which remodelers can improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, depending on your budget. The lowest-cost variant would be re-painting the elements and walls, which provides a fresh look. Conversely, homeowners who are willing to make a big investment could have all cabinets, floors, and appliances replaced.


The most efficient way of improving bathroom aesthetics is replacing all of the outdated fixtures with brand new sophisticated models. Naturally, purchasing new appliances will contribute to the minimalism of your bathroom as well.

Improved home value

Another key benefit of home improvement is increasing the value of your property when selling your home. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling will automatically increase the interest of potential buyers in purchasing your house, thus accelerating the process of finding suitable candidates.

Naturally, future homeowners won’t be appealed by outdated designs, appliances, and fixtures. Most of them prefer an already renovated house, which requires no remodeling effort on their part. Therefore, investing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling will undoubtedly increase your home value, allowing you to recoup the largest part of your renovation expenses.

Greater comfort and safety

Renovation aids homeowners to improve comfort and safety in their kitchens. They are considered to be hazardous, as homeowners might easily cut or burn themselves in small-sized space.

Furthermore, in order to improve safety, consider installing a kitchen island with a surface that resists extremely hot temperatures and everyday wear and tear. Also, make sure you replace the outdated appliances with new ones to prevent potential injuries.

In terms of flooring, you’re advised to install slip-resistant flooring like wood to avoid accidents. Bear in mind that marble isn’t a wise choice for kitchen flooring. Visit this page for more tips about preventing slippery floors in kitchens.


Remodeling projects provide greater comfort, energy efficiency, convenience, and home value.

It’s worth the investment!

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