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Is there a Hack to Beating the Arcade Claw Machine?

Although claw machines are conspicuous on arcades or some shopping malls and commercial establishments, people are still wary about them. Most people think that they are designed in such a way that the house always wins. But a quick search on YouTube will show you several results of people who managed to catch some toys repeatedly to dismiss simple coincidence.

So, there must be some way to cheat the claw machine. According to this report, 1 in 15 people will win the prize. The probability is still very high for you to think that the machine is rigged.

Arcade Claw Machine

The next time you find a claw machine at the Tempat hiburan keluarga, try the following tips:

1. Prepare to spend some money – The design of the claw machine is so the claw will get stronger as you go along. The claw itself will weaken up to a certain point so that it will drop the prize as you guide it to the hole. It is not to say that the machine is cheating, but it is a way to make it more challenging and test one’s skills. For instance, some have suggested that you will likely get the prize after about 21 turns.

2. Have a strategy – If the stuff toys and prizes are huddled together, it will become more challenging to pull one out. The toys are densely packed, and it means that you will not likely catch one when you consider that the machine is designed to have weak claws initially. It would help if you chose a claw machine that nobody seems to want or does not have too many prizes. In that way, you have more room to move around as you reel in the toys.

3. Study the machine – Look for some consistent hold from the claw. If the claw seems to hold each toy with the same grip, you will have a higher chance of getting a prize. You can choose the toys nearest to the hole so that the claw will not travel quite a long distance.

4. Do not go for the priciest items – It means that you take the time out to practice your method. Usually, the most expensive items are covered and buried underneath the rubble of toys. It would help if you targeted the isolated toy so it is not blocked by another heavier toy. It is much better to be realistic about your skills and chances. When you have practiced enough, then you can take more risks.

5. Take time to manipulate the claw into position – Even if there is a time limit, you can still spend some time trying to position the claw above your target toy. The joystick will move forward, backward, left, and right with the trigger to drop the claw. Do not panic. With that said, make sure that you set a budget for each turn on the claw machine.

Of course, some are better at the claw machine than others. But remember that if you are going to the Tempat hiburan keluarga, the principal objective is to have fun. Even if you do not get anything after following the above tips, do not fret. Take it as a challenge for you to practice more and perfect your craft. You can also view multiple tutorial videos on YouTube from people who managed to hack the system.

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