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Accurate CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV is increasingly prevalent in today’s world. Whilst it is primarily employed for security reasons there is a high level of demand for CCTV drainage surveys in domestic and commercial premises. Accurate professional and safely coordinated surveys can provide much needed information. No survey is too small or too extensive for it to be completed with confidence by professional service providers.

Drains are not the prettiest of things but they do require attention. Whether there is a fault, a performance issue or the drains are being assessed prior to a property sale or purchase, the ability to see what lies below ground level without the expense or disruption of excavation on site is undeniable.

CCTV Drainage

Safely Gather Data

It is never recommended that people undertake their own drainage surveys even if they feel confident with CCTV or believe that they have enough experience in property maintenance. This is a specialist task which leading service providers carry out with state of the art fit for purpose equipment. You may not welcome the cost of a professional service provider but what price do you place on peace of mind? Get the correct results, safely and at the earliest convenience. The cost of these surveys is not as high as you might imagine.

You wouldn’t eschew the garage and complete an MOT check yourself so why take chances with drainage surveys? The cameras can reveal hairline cracks and fractures, identify whether a drain requires relining, observe root ingress and water egress, and if joints have been displaced.

CCTV drainage surveys help experts to offer first time fix solutions. Clients can also benefit from a comprehensive report with recommendations for additional or remedial work.

Quality Delivers Confidence

Domestic and commercial CCTV surveys establish quickly what and where an issue with drainage is so that it can be treated without delay. For example, London and South East England is covered by a two hour response time by FS Drainage and when you’re dealing with the results of a blockage and its odour you need a swift identification and resolution so that order can be restored. Health and safety and property risks increase without timely attention. Procrastination normally means a higher bill, greater stress and a bigger problem to solve. If you suspect that there is a drainage or sewer problem that requires a comprehensive and accurate CCTV survey then pick up the phone at once. Regardless of how hard you wish for a cost free solution, the issue won’t rectify itself. If there is foreign matter in a drain, leaves, dirt, grease, hair or debris, it needs more than crossed fingers.

Homebuyers are keenly ordering a CCTV drainage survey from experts as many insurance and mortgage companies and chartered surveyors now make them mandatory.  Please don’t be a homebuyer that learns after their purchase that the drains are harbouring a secret which it costs you money to rectify. Make it part of your research into a property to order a survey by qualified specialists so that you know exactly what you’re buying before it’s too late. Older properties and ones that have previously experienced drainage issues or may be prone to a raft of wear and tear damage can make a CCTV survey an excellent and essential tool.

These surveys are equally valuable for their role in property maintenance. As with all maintenance programmes, knowledge offers the power to be proactive rather than reactive which can lower overall costs. When properties are under construction CCTV can ascertain efficiently that the connections are in place correctly with a dig free solution.

Choose the best service provider

Please ensure that your CCTV drainage survey is completed by an engineer that has qualifications in surveying OX19X and OS21X for piped drains and bricked sewers respectively.

For your complete peace of mind the company you select for the survey should have CHAS, Contractors Health And Safety Scheme and Safe Contractor safety accreditations, be members of the Water Jetting Association, and give you a fixed price quote based on the survey. In these challenging times, work can be commissioned with a no contact service.

Don’t wait for a suspected issue to turn into an emergency. Whenever you want a maintenance visit, wonder if you’re imagining that performance has gone down or there is an unwelcome smell that you cannot remove with air fresheners, fresh air or strategically positioned plants, you just need to make one call to the right service provider for a CCTV drainage survey that provides the answers.

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